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Keep it hot !





When you restore antique furniture, you may have to use glue.

Then as much as possible, you have to use the reversible glue (like the fish glue for example), the same type of glue that were used long time ago and called animal glue .




The fish glue can be used at the room temperature but some others, like the nerve’s glue or the bone’s glue have to be used hot.

Cold, they harden quickly, and too hot, the glue will not work anymore. Best temperature is about 50/60 degrees Celsius


Anyway, this type of glue has to be prepared with double boiler and be kept at the correct temperature because the issue is that, the more you re-heat the glue to liquefy it and the more the quality of the glue will be deteriorated and the sticky power with it.


So, if you are using this type of traditional glue, you can keep the container of the glue in the double boiler, during the time you are using it, and be careful that the water level is always correct or, you can make a small box like I am explaining below.


ステップ 1

ステップ 1

ステップ 2

ステップ 2

ステップ 3

ステップ 3


ステップ 4

ステップ 4


ステップ 5

ステップ 5


ステップ 6

ステップ 6


ステップ 7

ステップ 7


ステップ 8

ステップ 8



The advantage of this kind of box is that, it is much easier to move around your atelier than the double boiler, and also you don’t need to check water level.

使用している電球は100wの白熱灯で、ニカワが入った容器との距離は、約 4 cmになります。


The bulb is a 100 watts filament bulb.  And space between top of the bulb and the glue container is 4 cm.




But if you want to make this kind of box, you have to make some trial before you assembled the box, as the temperature in the glue container, will vary according to many factor like size of box and material for example.


私のニカワを暖かく続ける箱 in action.

私のニカワを暖かく続ける箱 in action.

こちらはM. François Germond, “L’ ébenisterie, Technologie et pratique” という本の99ページ目から見つけました。

So of course it is a very good idea, but indeed it is not mine. I saw it in a one of the book of M. François Germond, “L’ ébenisterie, Technologie et pratique” page 99.

M. Francois Germond, “L’ ébenisterie, Technologie et pratique” ページ 99.

M. Francois Germond, “L’ ébenisterie, Technologie et pratique” ページ 99.

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Laurent Philippe Cluet


Scie à queue d’aronde


a very nice scie à queue d’aronde,

英語でdovetail sawと言います。


アトリエ - Laurent Philippe Cluet

The use of gloves avoids to leave acid from the skin on the blade, to prevent the development of rust on the tool.


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家具作りにおいて、背もたれ部が大型メダルに似た楕円形のものをメダリオンチェアと呼びます。背面部のまわりにカービングが施されているものもあります。(Justin Storck, 510ページ)


In cabinetry, the medallion chair is a chair which has the back in oval shape which looks like a medallion, it can come with woodcarving (Justin Storck, page 510).

It can concern chair, armchair or sofa.




Anyway, sometimes the medallion size is just fine and sometimes the prominent shape of the oval back really gives a graceless result.

This concern the second half of the 19th century, specially Napoleon III period,

As you can see on the illustration below (Justin Storck, page 510), the medallion is really big (It may not be that obvious on the illustration but if you see one of this type for real, you will straight understand what I am talking about). See the casters on the front foot, you can deduce these concern the Louis-Philippe era and after.





Ok it is Louis XV style, but with different proportion the result is really not there. Some people may like it but in my opinion, any person who has good taste will not go for it.


At the contrary, on the photo below, it is also second half of 19th century but proportions are more in phase with the Louis XVI style and the piece, again according to me, is more graceful.


ルイ16世様式 メダリオンアームチェアー

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Laurent Philippe Cluet


The Secret






If once in a time you were interested in some crafts activities, or either if you have practiced some in some workshop, you may have heard the word “secret”.

Yes I am talking about these “workshop’s secrets”. And of course the person who knows the secret will not tell you.

It can be a secret preparation or a secret way for coloring wood. Or even an unknown technique for restoring furniture. So it can be anything.





I f one day, you ask me something and I tell you “I cannot tell you it is a secret”, then I should be downgraded to the bottom.

The secret way is a fully wrong and bad way to do.

Let me quote Roubo (page 792) to explain you why nobody should use the “secret way”

“The wood coloration is of a great importance for the cabinetmakers because it is the way that allow them to the give to the wood the colours they need to represent all kind of objects like fruits, flowers, animals etc. However the cabinetmakers always made a big secret about the composition of their dye to keep the benefit of it exclusively for themselves.


That’s why most of the composition that the old cabinetmakers used did not come to us, or were wrongly imitated. So the ones we are currently using are either defective, or if they are good, they cannot be improved as the ones who know their composition are hiding the making process to the other cabinetmakers and even to the person who have the knowledge to improve the composition of their dye”


As you can see, doing the “secret way” has absolutely no positive point, it only produces the know-how loss and may create defective techniques and method.


I have no secret. If you come and ask me something, I will tell you what I know and the way I do, it can help you not making mistake but it can also help me not making mistake as you may know better than me.

Laurent Philippe Cluet.