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The intruder


Please look at the photo, and tell me which one is the intruder according to you,

from left to right, we have wax, two ethanol based varnish, one water based varnish,

then a nitrocellulose based varnish (the Tamiya spray).



We could think that the intruder is the Tamiya spray  but for me there is in fact no intruder.

Historically speaking,  the nitrocellulose varnish started to be used in cabinestry around 1920, almost 100 years ago (« Bois:guide des finitions » page 48/ « Les secrets du vernissage » page 14) so it is not a anachronism to use it nowadays for example on the Art Déco furniture.

Now technically speaking, even if the components are not as natural as the « pure » traditional ethanol based varnishes, it is still  working on the resin/solvent system (like ethanol based varnishes) which means that the shiny layer remains after the solvent evaporated. So even on the technical side it is crosser to the traditional finishing than the modern ones.

The only refraining point I could see, indeed not see, is what is inside the varnish. Actually it seems difficult to know exactly what are the components.

Personally I never used it yet, I will make some few tests and then see.